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All we do is collect, harmonize, and analyze homeowner data.

We Are OwnerLytics

OwnerLytics is premier supplier of specialized real estate, mortgage, consumer and homeowner data. We supply high-value homeowner data, analytics, and outsourcing services that companies use to make timely and insightful decisions for marketing and sales. Today, digital disruption is driving a tectonic shift in how companies market their products and services. If you’re looking for a competitive advantage, talk to us!

Why OwnerLytics

At OwnerLytics, we are dedicated to collecting streams of public and private sector information while we harmonize and analyze the data to create a proprietary data repository.

This proprietary data repository is created using cluster analysis and data aggregation leveraging strategic partnerships and third-party resources. While drawing data from these leading repositories, retrieved public data, closed data, private data, and government data are all combined to maintain accuracy and highest quality.

This approach of combining open data, closed data, private data, and government data translates to a greater ability to overlay information that produces potent insight. Examples include:

  • Matching closed data as legal documents, building permits, and transactions to tax assessor information.
  • Capturing, overlaying, and parsing multiple names to reveal key insights.
  • Standardization of multiple data repository, states, counties, and jurisdictions.
  • Mining multiple databases using sentiment analysis to unlock factual and behavioral insights (ie the propensity or probability to sell a home).
  • Refining contact method with overlaid demographics and behavioral insights.

OwnerLytics Quality:

We’re Obsessed With Quality! It Begins and Ends With The Details!

In the world of data collection and information overload, quality is everything! At OwnerLytics, quality is not simply an act but it is a routine habit. We apply strict standardization for all incoming and outgoing data. Because we gather data from a wide array of sources in numerous formats with all kinds of anomalies, we’ve implemented a rigorous standard operating procedure as our core foundation to making sure our output repository data is of exceptional quality.

The OwnwerLytics data repository is continuously and dynamically updated, assuring that new, timely, and valuable information is readily available to all our clients.

Our Data Guarantee and Promise:

We follow a database normalization process to structure a relational database to reduce data redundancy and improvement in data integrity. Our data guarantee and promise is based on the following:


All data checked at line item and aggregate level for inconsistency in behavior and any statistically significant changes from prior reporting.


Data cleansing to remove anomalies such as incorrect spellings, duplicate entries, adding missing data, and consistency


Modify or purge irregular data verified against outside data repositories.

Property Data:

In the United States we have a population of over 320 million that creates over 127 million households. The volume of people and households creates a large volume of homeowner data. Where do you go when you need access to comprehensive, current, and accurate homeowner and property data? To use – OwnerLytics.

Currently we specialize in California and will be expanding very shortly.

Our database is used by real estate professionals, marketing agencies, and Saas companies helping both enterprise and boutique organizations collect, harmonize and analyze your data to lower your cost of marketing and increase sales.

Whether you need data to locate distressed sellers, affluent homeowners, or launch a lead-generation campaign, we can pinpoint what you need.

Here’s a List of Specialty Homeowner Data

Homeowners with…

  • Bankruptcies, Judgements, and Liens
  • Pre Inheritances, Pre Probate, and Probate
  • Abatement, Code Violations, and Vacancies
  • Marriage, Divorce, and Post Divorce
  • Pre Foreclosure, Foreclosure
  • Fire Damaged, Mandatory Evacuation and Insurance Claim
  • Arrest, Bail, and Incarceration
  • And Many More
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Delivery of Data:

What You Need, When You Need It

You don’t want to think about how you’re going to get your data. You just need to receive it when you need it.  With businesses needing speed and velocity, while staying in compliance, your data arrives as quickly as you want. It’s timely, clean, and internally consistent.

Our data delivery process was created to be easy and accommodating as possible. We can format your needs and technology needs without jeopardizing the quality of the data.

Available data formats:

  • XML
  • Bulk Data

Available file formats include:

  • XLSX
  • XLSB
  • CSV
  • PRN
  • ODS
  • XPX
  • XLA
  • DIF

Delivery platforms include:

  • Passive FTP
  • Active FTP
  • Physical Storage Media

Other delivery options such as email, fax, postal and express courier services.

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